Restricted Session

Thursday, June 20, 2019

The program includes a restricted session for US Department of Defense (DoD) government programs and associated contractors to present protected information and interact with peers in the EO calibration community.

The session is organized to include material that is restricted and either 1) unclassified with limited distribution or 2) classified up to the TOP SECRET//SI/TK classification level.

Participation in this session will require the appropriate documentation for each individual presenter and attendee.

Abstract Submission

Submit abstracts for the Restricted Session (except those at the TOP SECRET//SI/TK Level) by uploading to our secure, encrypted website.

  • Titles and abstracts should be at the unclassified level.
  • Upon acceptance, authors will receive instructions for submitting restricted presentation materials.

Submit an Abstract


This year’s program will also include a section for presentations at the TOP SECRET//SI/TK Level. This portion of the program will be held in an appropriate venue at the Space Dynamics Laboratory and require verification of proper clearances in advance by all presenters and attendees.

To submit an abstract for consideration in the TOP SECRET//SI/TK section, please call Stephanie at 435-713-3058 for instructions.