Exhibitor Descriptions

L-1 Standards and Technology, Inc.

Booth Space 2

Exhibit Manager: Steven Lorentz

10364 Battleview Parkway
Manassas, VA 20109

L-1 is the leading provider of absolute radiometric measurement solutions for national laboratories and space agencies around the world. For example, L-1 is the world’s primary supplier of cryogenic absolute radiometers, used by nations to establish their primary optical standards. Utilizing extensive in-house design capabilities, L-1 has developed radiometric instrumentation for both laboratory and space flight applications. We currently have two successful instruments in-orbit and are partnered for the development of future missions. In addition to our cryogenic radiometers, laboratory instruments include a cryogenic infrared collimator, detector calibration systems, stable detectors and pre-amplifiers. Our focus is the development of instrumentation for laboratory and on-orbit calibration of remote sensors for both government and commercial missions.

L-1 has recently undertaken a significant expansion of our laser based calibration facilities and can now provide radiance calibration for sensors from 350 nm to as long as 4 um. This facility provides a commercial alternative to the NIST SIRCUS or NASA GLAMR facilities, while providing NIST traceability.

L-1 is in Manassas, VA, just south of Dulles International Airport and the large aerospace technology corridor. We are a small business with 15 employees, occupying 13,000 square feet of office, laboratory and clean room space.

Space Dynamics Laboratory

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Exhibit Manager: Emily Batig

416 E Innovation Ave
North Logan, UT 84341

Founded in 1959, the Space Dynamics Laboratory (SDL) is committed to providing innovative, world-class sensor systems, satellites, and supporting technologies to address the Nation’s challenges. SDL develops innovative solutions for complex science and military sensing needs. SDL’s expertise includes ground-, air- and space-based IR, visible, and UV sensors; hyperspectral, polarimetric, and hypertemporal systems; small satellites and supporting technologies; rapid development of prototype hardware and software; concept validation studies; real-time intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance data compression and exploitation systems; contamination control and stray light analysis; and cryogenic and thermal management systems. SDL is an international leader in sensor system characterization and calibration, and hosts the annual CALCON Technical Meeting on Characterization and Radiometric Calibration for Remote Sensing. Headquartered in North Logan, Utah, SDL also operates facilities in Albuquerque, NM; Huntsville, AL; Colorado Springs, CO; Los Angeles, CA; Houston, TX; and Washington, DC, and employs over 1,100 personnel.